Tuesday, April 24, 2012

José Cossa Remarks: 2012 Joyce Cain Award Recepient (in absentia)

José Cossa Remarks
2012 Joyce Cain Award Recepient (in absentia)
April 23, 2012 CIES Conference, San Jose, Puerto Rico

It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that I accept the Joyce Cain Award. I am honored to join my predecessors who were graced with the same blessing of this special and very important award, which unifies us in continuing the legacy of those whose contribution is embodied in the memory of Dr. Joyce Lynn Cain. Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to be present in person and share this special moment with you (which happens to coincide with my birthday), but I am confident that Dr. Freeman and the Joyce Cain Award committee will carry the aura of my gratitude and appreciation for the noble significance of this award

My gratitude is first and foremost to four very special African and Diaspora women who have served as pillars of my academic accomplishments: my mother Angelica Maguiguane, my sister Laura Saveca-Parruque, my wife Tebo, and my daughter Khanimambo.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my colleagues and friends who have been very supportive of my academic Ithaka (Gk. journey) leading to this award:
·         Dr. N’Dri Assié-Lumumba, Dr. Erwin H. Epstein, and Dr. Paula Caffer;
·         The Joyce Cain Award Committee members who have selected me amongst other very competent scholars;
·         My fellow nominees and colleagues who share in this commitment to serve the African people and its Diaspora; and,
·         All those who have read, or will read, my work and find value in my research and contribution to CIES, the field, Africa and the Diaspora, and the people of Mozambique.

May we never forget the complexities and nuances that we (Africans and the Diaspora) have to navigate in order to make our voices heard and obtain the respect we deserve in a world where we are often treated as “they”!

May our research reflect our commitment to love, hope, and justice in a world that is often characterized by hatred, hopelessness, and injustice!

May the revolutions we seek, lead us in paths that foster equitable participation of all peoples in a world characterized by an overwhelming culture of competitiveness!

May we see revolutionary educations that move beyond peaceful existence toward a more vehement and critical advocacy for equal rights and justice!

Have a blessed conference!

Your colleague and friend,

José Cossa, Ph.D.
Cultural and Educational Policy Studies,
Comparative and International Education

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